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"The cornerstone of American freedom is our constitutional legal system. At Huckaba Law Firm we strive to apply these constitutional principles in our work and in our lives."
-Frank J. Huckaba     

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A warm welcome to our clients and friends from our offices at OldStore Corner in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

Ours is a general law practice, and we handle most noncriminal type cases. This Web site is an introduction to our practice; and provides a convenient way for you to contact us concerning legal services.

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Frequently Asked Questions
(We are working to complete the Question and Answer Section to our Web site. Our plan is to present general information questions and answers, then add new materials on a weekly basis.)

Legal and Area Resources
To find information about the Mountain Home area, here in the North Central Arkansas lake and river country, check our Area Resources. To learn more about legal terms and issues, check the general legal resources we have listed here.

Office Location
OldStore Corner, the home of the Huckaba Law Firm, is restored from its first use as a 1940s/50s furniture and later general store; and provides a tie to the legal heritage of the area.

Frank J. Huckaba is known as one who upholds traditional Ozarks storytelling good and humor. Some samples of his storytelling and writings can be found here.

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To make an appointment or leave us a message, contact us by phone, by fax, or by e-mail and we'll respond as soon as we can.


Huckaba Law Firm is winding down and closing operations. The Firm plans to complete all pending matters; and will continue, until closing, its general, non-litagation office practice: real estate and commercial, business and corporate matters, estates and estate planning - wills and trusts. It may take most of the present year to close out the Firmís practice. Our building and office assets are, and will be, for sale or lease. Frank Huckaba, a former Chancery and Probate Judge, will retain his law license to finalize matters as needed, following the Firmís closing. Inactive Firm files which involve legal work done for clients may be picked up during office hours, 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. daily, except for the noon hour each day, and Friday afternoons. Closed files not picked up by July 15, 2013 will be disposed of in an ethical and confidential manner. Files which have been inactive for more than five (5) years probably have been routinely disposed of already. All corporate books and materials should be picked up now. The area has excellent lawyers and law firms. We encourage you to engage one as needed; however, we will not be making recommendations in this regard. It is and has been, and will be for a time, a pleasure to represent and work with you. Our sincere thanks.

Huckaba Law Firm, P.A.
Frank J. Huckaba and Staff

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